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 mysignaturemysignatureYou’re About to Find Out the Real Secret to Sustainable Weight Loss…


And it’s not another fancy new meal plan, rigid exercise regimen, or “magic”pills and potions to tip the scale to the lighter side…This is about REAL, sustainable change in your mind, body and life.


My name is Stephanie Hoffpauir, and I help women lose the weight without the drama! I founded the Peaceful Weight Loss program for women like you:

  • Women who are going through life’s various transitions, whether it’s motherhood, relationship changes, or loss
  • Women who are over the temporary diet fads of the moment, and are ready to commit to long-term change
  • Women who want to live and feel better, each and every single day.

Insight Call

Believe me, I’ve been there. Overweight, over-committed, and over the edge.  Scared to wear a bathing suit, or step into a gym. After I became a mom, the weight kept piling on, and I knew it was time to do something. Instead of focusing on the weight or the food, I learnt to look inward at my own values, beliefs and lifestyle. 100 lbs later, I’m here to teach you the unconventional, yet successful methods I uncovered through my lifelong weight loss journey.

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The Peaceful Weight Loss program is for you if:

  • You’re a woman who is has more than 25 lbs to lose
  • You are committed to changing your body and mindset
  • You desire weight loss that lasts
  • You are committed to putting in the work.

Insight Call

No two people are the same, and neither should their weight loss process. That’s why I’m offering 3 different types of weight loss coaching services to address your unique needs. Check out my packages below:

Work With Me


I will be there to guide you through your own particular weight loss process, provide support and encouragement, and keep you accountable throughout this process.


I can’t wait to share your amazing weight loss journey with you!


With Love,

Stephanie Hoffpauir.

Insight Call

 You can feel confident engaging me to guide you to solve the perceived problem of weight loss.  Over the years my expertise includes

  • Verne Varona’s Macrobiotic Advanced Study Training, 
  • Donna Vail, An Inspired Education, Coaching and Mentorship Program,
  • Demartini Institute – Values Determination – The Workshop
  • Demartini Institute – The Breakthrough Experience
  • Geneen Roth, books and participant in  her live workshop at  Kripalu –  “Women, Food, and God,” 
  • Gabrielle Bernstein – “Finally Full” Course
  • Dr. Pam Popper, Certified Food Over Medicine Instructor
  • Insight Meditation Training and Practice
  • Heart Health by e-Cornell certification,
  • Intensive on Self-Love with Vironika Tugoleva,
  • traditional therapy with specialists in eating disorders,
  • State certified teacher,
  • National Certification in Teaching,
  • Past Owner of a thriving music studio
  • Court Appointed State Advocate Volunteer of the Year.

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