Change Happens in Front of a Freezer Case

by Stephanie on July 17, 2014

before and after Change Happens in Front of a Freezer CaseIt was raining.  There was nothing in the house I wanted.  It was early in the morning.  I was hungry. I walked up and down the aisles of the freezer case at Wal-Mart.  I was looking for an Amy’s Organics Tofu Scramble, the one thing I really wanted and craved.  They were gone.  I looked at all the processed foods I used to eat but no more, even the Amy’s was a rare treat.  I walked up and down over and over just becoming more and more upset.  I could not comprehend our food industry.  The more I learned about quality food the more appalled  This hit me on my home turf when I really needed something fast and yummy.   Here I was, looking for something that felt right for my eating plan, for me, and there seemed to be so little support.  I was tired of cooking.  I was tired of trying new foods only to dislike them or they tasted yucky.  Money down the drain.

There are moments in a weight loss journey that stand out, never forgotten.   That was mine.  Standing in the freezer section, staring at glass cases with tears running down my face I had to make the choice.  What would I do?  Was I going to go back the way I used to eat and subsequently weigh?  Was this it for me?  The end of the road and now time to gain the weight back on my body?  Or, was it time to move forward to the next level?  Was it time to allow the sadness and grief of all that had happened in my life around food to flow and wash out like the rain while I make a different choice?  These are the moments weight loss plans don’t talk about.  These are the moments ladies complaining about their thighs don’t mention.  These are the places some don’t dare go.

I am a slow integrator.  At first I get angry, then I stand in front of freezer cases and cry, then I find some recipes, then they taste terrible and I am angry again, then I find one I like and slowly, slowly, the new dish becomes part of my life.

Real change comes from within when the body, mind, and spirit are on the same page.  This takes time, guts, patience and the willingness to see myself in a way I have never seen before.  What would it look like?  Could I handle the snarky remarks about my food?

What is your challenge?  Which part of you needs nurturing?  Can you give that to yourself today?  Could you find support for that aspect of yourself today?  Take it to the next level.


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