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    I should be doing something for you and for all of the times you sang the right songs to my very soul when needed the most! Thank YOU for all you do for our community. It’s a rejuvenating breath of life breathed into the church every time you sing!
    It’s soul-warming. It brings me back to my Steubenville Days and when I was on Diocesan Retreat Team. Really helps the heart! Life’s tough sometimes, and faith just pulls you straight through! 🤗 Cala Hadley

    Musician and Mentor

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    Love of God is pure when joy and suffering inspire an equal degree of gratitude. Simone Weil

    Sending a glorious lady home.

    Elaine Simmons Colbert and The Simmons Family

    "From the very beginning, Stephanie's words of reassurance brought me great comfort, knowing that my family wanted our mother's last service to be as beautiful as her life. Mother, was a lifetime choir member, a soloist who shared her voice with many people.


    Stephanie honored our family's requests for prelude music and music for the funeral mass. Learning songs that were unfamiliar, to uplift us and to honor our Mother's memory in a special way. Stephanie's lovely voice resounded Mother's favorites,"Ave Maria", "Give Me A Clean Heart" and "If I Can Help Somebody". Her suggested song of farewell "In Paradisium" was ethereal, leaving our congregation of believers with a great sense of restfulness and peace.


    We are filled with joy! Our Mother's funeral mass was as inspirational and beautiful as her life. What a great testimony and legacy.


    Mrs.Stephanie Hoffpauir is a caring professional, a Minister of Music who truly loves the Lord, God's people and serving others. Thank you Stephanie for being open to the Holy Spirit and allowing God to use you in your music ministry."

    Funeral Musician with Heart

    Beth Pizzack, Funeral Director

    You do not just sing and play, you truly honor the funeral service.



    Tommy J. Guidry, M.M.

    Adjunct Professor of Music Theory and Organ, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
    Director of Music and Principal Organist, St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church, Abbeville, LA

    "I had the pleasure of teaching Stephanie twice -- once as a college student studying music theory and ear training & two decades later as an organist. She is a natural musician with excellent pitch and innate musicality. She is always pleasant and creative. I'm confident that whether Stephanie is serving as a teacher, performer, or liturgical musician, her work will be of the finest quality; and all who work with her will walk away smiling as her positive attitude is contagious."

    Everyone loves someone.

    Rev. Finley, service for his mother

    Your singing added a peacefulness and serenity that helped to make our prayer complete.


    Victoria Fontenot

    Wow! I didn’t get a chance to see you but thank you for making the ceremony beautiful for us. You were perfect! 😊

    Music Education

    Carolyn C. O'Connell, B.A, M.Ed., Ph.D.

    A consummate musician with a passion to teach and share her gift with children. I was privileged to watch as school children grew in their appreciation and understanding of music.

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