• What does pain to wisdom really mean?

    It means that it's okay to be sad, down, and frustrated.

    Not every day is full of smiles

    All is well. Stop scaring yourself. Fear can turn into nightmares when our mind goes nuts.

    There's no need to fluff over the feelings of disappointment and asking "How did I end up here?" It's in the asking and feeling that brings options you never thought you could find.

    How DO you cultivate a shift in mindset?

    It's a combination of education and practice.

    What I know for sure, is you CAN do it. The KEY is using those moments of pain and vulnerability to shed a different light on what is happening. This is where you need someone different from whom you normally talk with if you want a NEW WAY to see you life.

  • How It Works

    90 Days Into You


    Initial Call

    90 Days Into You:

    (1) 90-minute Clarity and Strategy Session: I will provide you with an objective perspective to increase your self-awareness and inspire you to make the changes you need from within.



    Bi-Weekly Calls

    (5) one-hour ZOOM calls.: I will model and witness for you the support you need to move through this process. Over time, you will integrate the techniques that carry you far beyond this 90 days. These calls come to every other week. Information needs time to be absorbed and applied. This spacing gives you that.

    *4 calls total - 1 90 minute and 3 one hour



    (12) Weekly Accountability eJournals: These hidden gems of my program will help you stay accountable to yourself and capture your insights and inspirations. As you work through heart and head shifts, my support, guidance, and strategies will keep you on track and aware of what is happening. eJournals will be responded to once per week. We can set a date that works for you. Your "journal" will be in Google Docs - leaving you a huge treasure trove of your own wisdom and my feedback to last.


    Book Study

    Reading Material & Customized Study Plan: Together we determine the material you will study that is specific and to your needs and goals. This will be integrated into the eJournal and calls - an active part of your program.

    Recommended Reading and Resources: I believe mindset shifts start when we dip our hands in the honey of wisdom. Something sticks and therefore I will recommend reading and resources specially tailored to you to enhance our journey. I hold nothing back.


    Client Intake

    Client Dossier which contains tools you use the rest of your life. We start digging in right away.


    Surprise Gifts!

    I LOVE giving gifts that land on your doorstep. :-)

  • What's it like?

    Your coaching was greatly appreciated and I feel so much better and more focused on my goals. I loved working with you! You are a fabulous coach, you really helped me dig deep to find the whys to why I was feeling the way I was and how it was connected to food! Great accomplishment for me! Who knew I had a two year old inside me kicking and screaming? LOL These cards (free gift received after completed coaching) will definitely help me as i move forward and get more closer to my vision. Thank you again! - Tammy Dowling, Love Peace Joy Coaching

    It's not about the food - it's not "not" about food. Geneen Roth

    Stephanie gave me a broader vision about weight loss. It's not about a "program" or a "diet". It's not short term. It's dealing with yourself in a loving, accepting and empowering way. Instead of numbing out with food, its about filling in the spaces with what is most important to me. She has lived through almost every aspect of that journey and continues to educate herself. She is open to guiding you down your own individual path using your own unique goals, tool, and skills. Kathryn W. Thomas

    Build the Bridge

    The unseen part of you yearn to be heard. And when heard, we can make a plan for the unseen to become seen.

  • Disclaimer

    Stephanie is not a medical doctor. She offers a way to have greater insight and appreciation for your life.

    Refund Policy

    You may cancel your program for a full refund within 48 hours of purchase. After 48 hours, all sales final.

  • Investment

    90 Days Into You - From Pain to Wisdom

    $497.00 + tax (4%) for the entire package

    • 6 calls - (1) 90 minute and (5) 60 minute - you control appointments via my scheduler
    • Weekly eJOURNAL accountability
    • Complimentary 90 Day Membership to Connection & Healing (calls and Facebook group)
    • Book Study
    • Resources, Worksheets when applicable and for YOUR needs
    • Encouragement gifts mailed to you (surprise!)


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