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    Combining Life Experience with Education

    Benefits of Working With Me

    1. You can expect to lead and love yourself from a place of internal power - instead of constantly looking for an outside expert.
    2. When we are finished working together, you can expect to be in charge of your own energy, and no longer as affected or affected at all, by others opinions.
    3. You invest in your dreams and visions instead of hiding.  I meet you where you are - there is no rushing.
    4. You are giventools that serve you the rest of your life!
    5. I am here to help you FINALLY get rid of all of the shame and guilt associated with hiding out from life, feeling low, and not deserving.
    6. You can count on my life and practical experience for a well rounded mentoring program.
    7. I have invested in my own therapies, mentor, coaches, and training programs - all which get distilled to what YOU need.
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