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Beachbody and Me

Facing my limitations. Embracing today.

· Weight Loss

I miss my Beachbody workouts. I dread that my BB coach, Carrie Hodgkiss (yes, GO GET HER as your coach), will feel disappointed when she realizes I returned all the BB toys and accessories. She was excellent and encouraging. My 45-year-old body loves to move, but not that much. I love a good protein shake, but my body perceives all shakes and shake accessories like pre-workout, post-workout, and whey protein as invaders leaving me high and dry, in pain, and I don't mean sore muscles. This is my third time to eat the humble pie and my second visit to the chiropractor to realign the hip that is now off its kilter. This is also the third time my body tells me to stop the foolishness and keep doing those movements friendly to my new form. I get it. I know. Another program bites the dust, along with $18 I eat in shipping and handling to return it. Pie ate. Refund awaits.

At least I know how to detox and let my body rest and boy is she resting. It's kind of ridiculous how bone tired I am. Weeks of ingesting processed vegan proteins, oils, whey protein powder and a scary dependence on BB's pre-workout full of caffeine, along with working out hard took its toil. It's cool how my body just jumps right back to sleeping like a log after a few days of eating clean and cutting the coffee and pre-workout caffeine. Like a child you chastise, and they still hug you - we want to be loved. Kids, me, and my body. We are sitting in waiting. Waiting for the love to come. For the release to happen. To stop the trying.

Farewell Beachbody. I will miss you. Your programs are great. Sadly, they are not great for me right now. You represent the me I used to be. And it's time to embrace the me today.

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