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Is Your Soul Starving?

The Importance of the Body in your Spirituality

· Weight Loss,Mission

In the midst of stretching, I contemplated breakfast foods and sugary coffee. Unfortunately, this kind of fare gets the best of me. I land into my days lethargic and not my best. Every breath came back to food. Why? I moved into a meditation and journaling to uncover more of this annoyance.

I forgot in my state of "I need this food NOW!" food wasn't the issue. Suddenly, "My soul is starving." came flying off the page. Surely I can't be that serious. Starving? That's a bit dramatic, don't you think?

Was it? Tears came to my eyes, and this felt true. I had neglected to ask for guidance. I had been "pushing through." That's my default. Just push through, and it will be fine. Except, it's not okay anymore. It doesn't help me, my family, or those I am honored to serve.

There is a responsibility that comes with my life of serving in times of need for others. There is a mandate in my heart to model for my son balance. It goes beyond checking to do lists. It's bigger than cleaning out a drawer. It's the foundational piece that fuels the rest. It's my spiritual practice.

Here are some signs you may be running on fumes instead of quality fuel.
* You are utterly exhausted and it takes more rest to recover and less to drain you again.
* You begin to get sick quickly (allergies, colds, sore throat).
* You didn't think you could afford to take off, then realize you have no choice when you are sick. Then wonder why you didn't just slow down or prune the schedule in the first place.

"If you feel frustrated, disappointed, have low energy, poor sleep and other body symptoms, tune in to that message.


Don't wish the symptoms would go away, take the action you know you should and only then will the frustrations and symptoms subside. Feeling better is a by-product of looking after your body's needs."

Jeremy Walker, Hypnotherapist

Your body is the vehicle for your mission, your purpose, dharma, or calling. However you label it, and for whatever you want to do in life, your body deserves your attention, especially if you want to be your best and have longevity. Your body is your advocate in this journey steering you to the left or a little to the right to keep you right on track with your mission. This takes effort, time, patience, and work. It's not the path for the faint of heart. What is your mission? How does your body support you in it?

Listen with the inner ear. See with the eye behind the eye.​ Michael Bernard Beckwith

The best part is realizing in hindsight, I made different choices that day to support myself and ate moderately without trying.

"Your body is perfect for your mission." Dr. John Demartini​

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