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Success - what is REALLY takes by Lamman Rucker, Actor

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The video begins with Lamman Rucker's first question. Invest 30 seconds. It will be worth it.

Q: What built your success and sustainability in Hollywood?

A: I think the assumption would be, the answer to that would be, the work that you've seen. What's really built me for this, put me in the position to do this, and do it if I may say, at the level and standard I've been able to do it, and sustain it, happened long before any of you ever knew my name or knew what I looked like.

So that's why I think the training you get, the home training that you get, personal development, character development, spiritual development, skill development - all of it - that, that's the most important part.

And that's the work nobody ever sees. And unfortunately, that's the work nobody ever sees. All they end up seeing is the outcome. But it's like, that's the one day of the week, and the previous six nobody gets to witness. What I get paid for is those six days and the last day for free.

Even as an athlete that's one of the ways I learned to look at it.

I get paid to practice. The game is free.

Lamman Rucker, Actor

He went on to share all those he has learned from, he carries with him. Wisdom lives.

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