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Increase Your Threshold for Pain


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Leadership GOLD!

My favorite takeaways!

  • Equilabrate the critic BEFORE the criticism comes. A leader has been, is being, or will be criticized.

  • Some of it should be paid attention to - there may be a nugget that helps you as a leader.

  • Part of why it hurts is because they gave voice to thoughts we have probably have about yourself we haven't verbalized; it's not as ridiculous as it seems.

  • We don't want to park there, stuck in bitterness - and a lot needs to be let go. It's a TENSION YOU MANAGE, not a problem to solve

  • DECIDE in advance - I can't control what they say but how I react to it.

  • Craig said, "Leaders must increase their threshold for pain. There will always be a decision to be made people don't understand. Sometimes we have personal information about something and we bear the weight of it. There is a pressure that until they sit in that leadership seat, they don't understand. Sometimes people's inability to endure the pain keeps them from becoming leaders."


  • How do you grow your pain threshold? You can be someone who is emotionally sensitive and be a leader. Story of the olive tree.

    • #1 - olive tree will not produce without both hard and good times

      • as humans - we will not discover our purpose unless we go to hard time and good times

      • #2 - the fruit is not useful until its gotten rid of it's hardness and bitterness (salted and soaked)

        • The human heart has a propensity to stay hard and bitter; hard times makes us soft and humble; we realize we are not the smartest person in the room.  We can actually receive  what other people give us no matter what
      • #3 - Most value comes from oil - which is the only thing that can be transferred into becoming light. Had pressing mean oil is coming and light is on the way.

  • I CAN BECOME A WOMAN OF PERSPECTIVE. If there is purpose in my pain, I can endure it.

The difference between where you are and where you could be is the pain you're unwilling to endure. Craig Groeschel

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