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The Gifts and the Fear

How a loved one's illness can transform our own.

· Weight Loss

When a loved one is ill, our physical health come under the microscope. Unfortunately, fear sets in and leaves us more paralyzed than before. I felt this acutely when my father spent two years with lung cancer before he changed form in 2012. Fortunately, the best way out of fear is ACTION *and* the understanding the there is no such thing as a loss without gain.

As a chubby girl growing up, I was often the brunt of lectures about diabetes and jokes from other kids. A part of me tuned in to health and wellness, but it took my health challenges to make more precise decisions on my path to physical wellness.

I came to a plant-based diet somewhat slowly. I had lost about 80 pounds and discovered I had high cholesterol and high blood pressure - dangerously high blood pressure. After a few days on blood pressure medication in my late 30's, the nurse said this was a lifetime drug. What? I dove 100% into a plant-based diet. Not only did I lose more weight, but the blood pressure normalized to better than it had EVER been along with no blood sugar issues or high cholesterol. SOLD!

All these reasons to eat plant-based are well and good in and of themselves. But I'll be honest; I can still turn down the rabbit hole time and feel sorry for myself. Why do *I* have to do all this cooking and checking for oil, etc.? Yes, change isn't always easy.

I embrace support and stay close to my plant-based groups that keep things exciting with new recipes.

But most of all, I am ever so grateful to have found this way of eating when it comes to my family and vocation.

I can attest that there has to be a serious commitment to see real, lasting results. Make a lifelong commitment to thriving. Choose yourself. Choose yourself over convenience. Choose yourself over peer pressure. Choose yourself over the ease, familiarity, and comfort of deep-rooted, bad habits. Choose to believe that you are not a helpless victim. Appreciate and understand that you can vote for health with every bite (that fork is


Nixon, Lindsay (2014-05-13). The Happy Herbivore Guide to Plant-Based Living (Kindle Locations 4145-4148). BenBella Books, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

What are your compelling reasons to stay as healthy as you possible? What benefits are there, in what is important to you, to find time to exercise on busy days? If your life flows well now, what habits can you put in place to enhance it. Why? So when a challenge comes, your wellness habits can sustain you greatly. Caring for yourself makes all the difference.

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