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Quote to Encourage Your Wellness Path

"When all is said and done - the real issue is how self-nurturing are you, how big is your purpose. If you get out of bed and all you think about is a smoothie - you need a bigger life."


Verne Varona, Macrobiotic Counselor and Photographer

· Weight Loss

"What does it take to be a professional? It requires commitment. It means getting rid of all the excuses. You'll need to pick a set time to exercise and dedicate a space to your program, even if that means that you have to move your couch three feet to the left every day. And along the way you'll get to know yourself, embrace your true potential, and learn to be your best critic. All these things are part of what it takes to move forward, to restructure your structure, to achieve a level of perfection you have only dreamed about. You will show up every day. You will try your hardest. And you will do it right.

Tracy Anderson

"Treating your body and mind with the most respect and eating for optimal health should be enjoyable not restrictive or abusive. It should feel like a gift or privilege you are offering yourself.
Could you ever see me saying that I was just too busy so I picked up a sandwich or grabbed a muffin at Starbucks? I have suffered much with disease, pain, and obesity and found a way to reverse it entirely. Nothing will ever interfere with my lifestyle and choices that healed my body and gave me this healthy life. Not anything is more important than my health. Julie Christenson, Protective Diet ​

I can attest that there has to be a serious commitment to see real, lasting results. Make a lifelong commitment to thriving. Choose yourself. Choose yourself over convenience. Choose yourself over peer pressure. Choose yourself over the ease, familiarity, and comfort of deep-rooted, bad habits. Choose to believe that you are not a helpless victim. Appreciate and understand that you can vote for health with every bite (that fork is


Nixon, Lindsay (2014-05-13). The Happy Herbivore Guide to Plant-Based Living (Kindle Locations 4145-4148). BenBella Books, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

Sugar is the ultimate inflammatory food that will ruin your gut bacteria (feeding the bad guys), increase your waistline and create belly fat like nothing else, taking you on a rollercoaster existence that no one wants. In short, getting off of sugar—really off of it, is foundational for building good health and creating an internal environment for your body so you can release the fat and toxins. Yes it’s that important. - Leanne Ely,


  • "What drives your chariot?  What do you wanna do more of?"  If you don't have anything to live for, why heal?  
  • Verne Varona, 
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