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Whatever It Takes

ACTION takes you out of FEAR

· Weight Loss

Have you
ever been dragged through some crisis until, finally,
you just could not hold on one moment longer? You
had to let go! And then, in that moment of letting go
— or shortly thereafter — came the liberating insight
that the situation you so feared going through had
nothing to do with what you thought you might lose,
but had everything to do with an unseen fear of
losing who you always took to be as your “self”— the
person you thought you had to be in order to remain
“you.” And then you saw that losing this “you” was
not only losing the problem you had, but also that
this was the best thing that could have happened for
the real you! Guy Finley, Beyond Addiction

“I do whatever it takes to resolve the things the hold me back and pivot the behavior away from food (or anything that I am using to stall, procrastinate, and avoid facing life).”

It’s a process. Change doesn’t always happen overnight. It can seem like forward and backward.

Here’s the thing- when we numb out we aren’t taking action.

When we numb out- we aren’t discovering new solutions.

When we numb out we halt our growth, keeping us stuck.

It’s frightening because I know that you feel powerless to change the things that really bother you. You’ve made what I call the “unexamined powerlessness conclusion.” It’s a conclusion that you’re powerless over your feelings and the circumstances

Gould, Roger. Shrink Yourself: Break Free from Emotional Eating Forever (p. 17). Turner Publishing Company. Kindle Edition.

Love yourself through.

Whatever it takes.

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