• Find someone you can heal with.

    Inward, by Yung Pueblo

    “We have to go to where we have been told to be afraid.”

    Dr. Christiane Northrup


    A few things we cover in the group:

    *Dealing with rejection, criticism, and gossip in the workplace

    *Digging in your highest values so you are more inspired

    *A chance to be heard IN YOUR OWN VOICE, which is - in itself healing.

    * Stepping into your Wise Woman phase of life!


  • Healing Tape


    We do not treat or diagnose. We offer you a way to increase appreciation for the magnificence of your life. All sales are final.

  • My Feedly blog reader brought a blog post that sold this idea that emotional overeating needs a webinar call and it just gets "fixed." Hmm.


    That hasn't been or isn't my experience.


    I put myself, intentionally, in a trigger path, that in the past has brought on overeating. I upped my support for emotion/mindset/perception work this month.


    There aren't "one and done" calls. I set myself up for ON GOING support.


    There ARE times, when one call can bring clarity and we move forward. Then, for things like emotional overeating, or unidentified triggers for the overeating- it can take TIME and lots of self-love and care to weed through it and come out on the other side having not thrown yourself to the self-sabatoge wolves.


    This is on my heart today. I am walking this path with you. I am holding space for YOU.


    I want you to know, you can share here. The calls will be private in content, but I will do a private summary on the LESSONS and INSIGHTS (but do so without giving names).


    If we can't make shifts in a scared space, where can we?


    Blessed Be, as we grow together,



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  • Inspiration

    “The only drug I’m interested in is the drug that we are pursuing in the first place: the drug of connection, of unity, of love.”
    - Russell Brand

    Art by Lori Portka

    I'm ready to live it. Not just read it.


    I had a wonderful impromptu coaching session with Stephanie. I wanted some guidance around a situation I was really frustrated with. She asked me some questions to get me see it at a different angle, that nobody has. It really helped me shift my perspective and energy. She's a wealth of knowledge and I'm fascinated how she applies the Demartini Method to her work. If you're looking for a coach that will shine the light in the nooks and crannies you don't even know are there she's your coach! You can talk to her about anything and she can work you through it! I'm looking forward to joining her Connection + Healing community, Lord knows we all need more of that in our life!


    Julia Slike




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