• Find Your Voice

    "Your music had an impact and was beautiful." Family member from funeral

  • What Stephanie Brings

    Are you called to serve with music?

    Do you think you don't have what it takes to sing in front of people?

    Guess what?

    It's NOT about you! That's the funny thing.

    It's about SERVING.

    It's about the willingness to let go of what you think is true about your singing.

    Shift your perspective to "How can I serve at the highest level?"

    What version of you is ready to emerge?

    Are you ready to be more?

    Are you ready to serve more?

    Are you ready to embrace your own growth, so you can support others in their journey each week?

    If you are called to it, there is a way!

    Benefits of Working With Me

    1. You will learn how to practice for and lead a responsorial psalm and gospel acclamation, for church musicians.
    2. I will help you write and declare your why, your purpose, and what you bring to your parish as a result of your liturgical musicianship.
    3. I meet you where you are.  I listen to your goals, and we take steps to get you there.
    4. You are given tools that serve you the rest of your life!
    5. I am here to help you FINALLY get rid of all of the shame and guilt associated with hiding out from life, feeling low, and not deserving.  Lack of confidence is the one thing that holds us back the most.  You must honor yourself so you can honor others.  I have been there and can help you work with those nerves!
    6. You can count on my education, continuing education, and practical experience for a well rounded mentoring session.
    7. I have invested in my own therapies, retreats,  mentor, coaches, and spiritual training programs - all which I will pass to you. 
    8. Learn how to handle things with grace.
  • Details of Voice Mentoring

    How the program works, details, etc.

    One hour session (12 and up) or 30 minutes (11 and under)

    Across the Board

    We will review your current level, talk about your biggest struggles, work discuss your spiritual practice (it can be unique to you), vocal care, vocal techniques for warm-ups, begin work on a prepared piece for mass (Psalm Gospel, Gloria, hymn, etc.), your church, or event.

    Resources and Curriculum

    A good musician needs good resources!

    Where to find music, companies, use of digital music and where to find it, books to read, etc. I will also have a handout with notes from our session and any resources I have suggested.


    The curriculum is focus on

    • Keys
    • Scales
    • Chords
    • Ear Training
    • Theory



    An investment in yourself yields the greatest return.

    $60.00 per one hour session, (12 years and up)

    $35.00 per 30 minute session

    Packages available.

    Tuition paid prior to the session via a link..

    No commitment or contract.

    Take as many or as few lessons as you need to fly!

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